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Pulling the Wool Over A Wolfs’ Eyes.

Brooklyn, NY – February 2016 – In A Girl’s Guide to the Criminal Mind, Alison Summers lays out what criminal profilers know about how serial predators plot crimes. Readers will find out the predators’ favorite hunting grounds, vehicles, verbal persuasions ruses and costumes. A Girl’s Guide to the Criminal Mind also provides practical information such as how to escape the trunk of a car, how to negotiate your release, and how best to resist an abduction attempt.

The Chances of a woman encountering a serial killer are thankfully slim, so why would she be interested in these facts? Because according to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, every serial killer stared out as a rapist. And as we all know, those encounters are not rare. Today one in five women has experienced a rape or attempted rape. For that reason, learning how to recognize , avoid and escape serial predators makes common sense. It could also save lives As the FBI states, “Knowledge might be the only weapon a woman has in a dangerous situation.”

A Girl’s Guide to the Criminal Mind: The Survival Handbook is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Alison Summers is a freelance writer. She has written on crime for The Times (U.K.), The Australian, The Adelaide Advertiser, The Sydney Daily Telegraph and other newspapers. Her first book about psychopaths, The Girl’s Guide to Predators; The Games Some Men Play, was published by Pan Macmillan, Australia. Sh is also a playwright. Punch Me in the Stomach – a play about growing up in the shadow of the Holocaust – was produced by New York Theatre Workshop. It has received rave reviews across North America, New Zealand and Europe.

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